The Bore

Drilling the bore

Striking the water

Inserting the casing

We were lucky to have a local on hand who works as a Bore Driller and had the rig. There are many bores in the area as Mt Bryan does not have town water supplied. Bore water can come with varying degrees of success and one is never sure of how deep the bore will need to go nor the cost that will be the end result. The water condition can change from one bore to another and one side of the street to another. It is a bit of a role of the dice and luckily we struck water at 14 metres and dug down further to 27 metres to ensure a good supply.  The water is used for washing clothes and ourselves, for garden use and outdoors use. Some locals do drink the bore water but we found it had a mineral type taste and use our rainwater for drinking and kitchen use. it was a great advantage to us to have had local knowledge and experience from our bore digger who had been doing his job for years in the area.  Our lives changed for the better once this bore had been dug and life generating water was available.


Shane Badman.    Copyright 2012.    Country I.T. Services