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Sir Hubert Wilkins- Local forgotten Hero.

George Hubert Wilkins was a hero, pioneer, aviator, explorer and adventurer who was born and raised at Mt Bryan East. It is a mystery and shame that this great man passes through history largely unknown even to those of us who live in this region. Born in a stone farm house in 1888, one of the thirteen Wilkins children who attended the school at Mt Bryan East.

His family endured hard times, droughts, bitter winters and the full strength of the summers that this landscape offers. Perhaps this fortified the man for his future endeavors and adventures which began when interrupting his studies he stowed away on a boat to pursue his passions for the film camera and the flying machine. Wilkins worked as a cinematographer covering events including the Balkans War. 

He went on his first trip to the artic as a cinematographer in 1913. There he learned to live off the polar ice and thus sparked his love for polar travel. In 1917 he went to France as an official war photographer. Often risking his life to capture the fighting at the Western Front always refusing to carry firearms. 

He became the only Australian Official Photographer in any war to receive combat decorations and was awarded the Military Cross twice. Wilkins competed in the England to Australia Air Race in 1919 as a navigator before being appointed Naturalist on Sir Ernest Shackleton's last expedition to the Antarctic. 

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