Sir Hubert Wilkins
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Sir Hubert Wilkins Homestead.

The restoration of the homestead of Sir Hubert Wilkins was a joint collaboration. Inspired by Dick Smith in 1993, supported by Australian Geographic and its subscribers and the formation of a local committee of dedicated volunteers, the labour of love began. After successful fundraising events run by this committee the building restoration began in 1999 and the Sir Hubert Wilkins Memorial Trust Members maintain the cottage and continue to make improvements.

On the 29th of April 2001 the restored cottage stood proudly once again amongst the rolling hills of Mt Bryan East. Upon visiting the cottage the photographs on display reveal not only the accomplishments of the man but also the mammoth task in restoring the cottage. The years had left the cottage as a pile of rocks but an archeological dig revealed the original floor plan and several relics which are on display in the cottage. The cottage is deceptive in its size and what appears small from outside actually contains a large house with four bedrooms, kitchen, living area and wash house. A flick through the visitors book reveals a steady flow of visitors from around the globe. A stroll through the cottage transports you to a different era. 

One cannot help but realise how difficult life must have been enduring harsh winters and endless summers. No running water, no electric power and experiencing repeated desperate periods of drought with only kerosene lamps to bring comfort in the dark. But standing on the verandah of the cottage and looking at the same beautiful vistas that Sir Hubert Wilkins once viewed, you cannot help feeling a connection. To visit the restored home of Sir Hubert Wilkins, and his family, a key can be obtained for a small fee through:

Mt Bryan Hotel, Hallet Hotel or the Hallet Shop.


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