Saint Brendan's Catholic Church


None of the previous owners had made any renovations apart from several attempts at painting with miss matched paint jobs and one owner putting a Telstra access pit to the street but not to the church. The remanent hole of a long drop remained in the far corner of the yard which we filled in when the septic system was laid down.

At night time when you look at our church you can see the true beauty and our luck in having its original stain glass windows. The light changes the colour during the day and with the real beauty of them revealed in all their glory in the evening with the church lights radiating through. As most churches hold on to their stain glass historic windows, removing them to display them elsewhere, we were very fortunate that ours remained and came with the sale of the church.

The kids thrived with the move although their bedrooms were defined by packing boxes and old cupboards for walls, at the ages of 8 and 9 it was all part of the adventure that their crazy parents had them on. They loved riding there bikes wherever they pleased and quickly were known by all the neighbours. City friends had wondered if we would get bored here but our lives became busier than ever. There were so many activities, clubs to join and the community mindedness of the people here blew us away. We couldn't help but join in and get involved.

Meanwhile after spending a summer using a caravan annex for a bathroom with a stinky porta loo we were finally making headway with getting septic, running water and the best thing of all a bathroom! The climate here swings from 44oc (in the annex bathroom 49oc) and in the winter minus 4oc outside and 6oc inside the church. We have no heating or cooling as yet- apart from pedestal fans and an oil column heater, but the electric blankets are essential and what make winter bearable until we can arrange better sources.

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