Saint Brendan's Catholic Church

Our church is an old Catholic Church that was built from local stone in the 1920s.We purchased it in 2008 as a beautiful but empty building. Although my wife and I had grown up in small country towns our two kids had not and when the opportunity arose to move from the suburbs, we jumped at the chance.  

Having discharged our city mortgage we were not left with a lot of finances to purchase a new home. There were old farm houses which we could afford but they didn't appeal to us and would need a lot of renovating. My wife and I had always liked the idea of recycling and creating something new and usable from that which was discarded. The idea of living in something that had history and that we could help restore and save from falling into disrepair was very exciting to us.  It was a huge appeal to be able to say that we live in an old church, something different and something that was thinking and living out of the square and ordinary.  

We discovered this empty church via word and mouth and fell in love with it and its potential immediately. It was in a very small town which had the advantages of a larger town just 10 minutes away. A hospital, chemist, shops, doctor, church and wonderful Primary and High School with a bus run for the kids that picked up straight out front of the church. 

These were huge pluses in our decision to purchase but there were negatives issues to consider too. At the time of purchase there was no running water, no septic, no loo or bathroom, no internal walls and only one power point and two lights. The church sits on half an acre of land.

The church had been decommissioned as a place of worship for the past 23 years and had been bought and owned by four different parties before we purchased it. We discovered that the first buyers were a bikie gang and are still picking broken bottle out of the yard which seems to grow out of the soil every time it is windy. Several large pine trees had to be removed at great expense as they were ill trees and leaning towards our church.

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