The Bathroom & Septic system


                    The Septic Tank                                      The Soakage Trench


                The plumbing pipes                                       Inside the bathroom


                The Bath going in                                           Tiles going on

This was the room where the priest would prepare and pray for their services. It was the worst area in the church with the floorboards not meeting the plaster and holes that one could see outdoors through.  We had builders come and mends this and build a room within the room, laying the plumbing and tiling and installing a huge bath with shower, hand basin and loo. The light through the stain glassed window reflects beautifully off the white tiles and it is a lovely light filled room. We installed an exhaust fan through the roof and utilized the space above the bathroom for loft storage.

Council approval for the septic system took a long while and was quite complicated. The hole that had to be dug was huge and took up the distance of the whole width of the yard. it is important to note that this area cannot now be driven over or much weight be placed over it and will always require access in the case of the system needing maintenance. Something to think on before installing. It was a huge financial expense along with bobcat drivers and gravel, plastic tunnels etc. It was a much bigger hassle, expense and made a huge mess which we hadn't anticipated but it was a necessity.

Having a private bathroom with running water was such a joyous occasion and so very wonderful after a hot summer of bucket baths only hidden by a bit of strung up plastic.  We will never take for granted the comfort of hot running water and the privacy of an indoor bathroom.


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